Spooky Season Soundtracks for Horror Haters

It's that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner. Very soon, the streets of our towns and cities will be filled with ghosts, witches, skeletons, and all sorts of other characters and creatures. Perhaps you haven't gotten to the decorating yet or are still working on preparing a costume. Perhaps you are … Continue reading Spooky Season Soundtracks for Horror Haters

How ELVIS Uses Music to Create a Dual Perspective

The new Elvis movie directed by Baz Luhrmann takes many bold approaches (including the director's signature visual Baz-matazz) in its dramatized and fictionalized story of Elvis Presley’s (played by Austin Butler) life and career. One of these is to have the story narrated by Elvis’ manager, the unlikeable and villainous (at least as he is … Continue reading How ELVIS Uses Music to Create a Dual Perspective

Curious Contradictions | Phantom Thread

Before watching Phantom Thread (2017, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) when it recently aired on Turner Classic Movies, I knew exactly two things about the film. One was that it was about a male dressmaker and his female muse. The other was that the soundtrack, composed by Jonny Greenwood, was beautiful. Back when Screen Sounds was … Continue reading Curious Contradictions | Phantom Thread

Four Vitamin String Quartet Soundtracks for Bridgerton Music Fans

The Netflix series Bridgerton is known for its contemporary touches in an otherwise historical context (albeit one that is in many ways a fantasy). One of the notable ways it does this is through its soundtrack, which consists not only of instrumental music composed specifically for the show, but also string quartet versions of contemporary pop songs. These are provided by none other than the prolific group Vitamin String Quartet.

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